CMW Markets

CMW’s lineup of innovative and advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle engines and drive trains can be used in a variety of transportation markets.

CMW’s V2-90 engines and drive trains can be used in a variety of applications.

CMW’s V2-90 product line is fully developed, tested, hard tooled and production ready.


CMW V2-90 product line of engines can deliver 75 to 1,000 HP and are available for use in:

  • ATV’s
  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Generators
  • Lawn & Garden equipment
  • Mobile Pumps
  • Snowmobiles
  • Tractors.
  • Trucks
  • Light Aircraft
  • UTV's
  • Watercraft

Total Propulsion System (TPS)

CMW’s TPS can deliver 80-200 HP and can be used in cars, buses and trucks. CMW believes the best way to bring its TPS product line in to the market is through joint venture with strategic partners.

CMW Power Generators

CMW’s V2-90 is a power source for applications where static power generation is needed. V2-90 as a static on onboard power generator delivers the best fuel economy and low emissions while providing a continuous power source. The power generator can generate 20 to 100 kilowatt and can run on gas (petrol), natural gas/CNG or diesel.