About CMW

California Motor Works, located in Silicon Valley, is a purveyor of the legendary California driving experience. We personally test and drive our new CMW vehicles with our innovative new drive train and electric vehicle technology.

About Us

California Motor Works is a Silicon Valley based next generation muti-fuel hybrid engine and drivetrain technology company that has developed a highly efficient hybrid internal combustion engine. CMW’s V2-90 product line of engines delivers the Industry’s best horsepower per pound and produces 80-200 horsepower on 750-1200 cc , with 2 cylinders and 50% fewer parts. The Company uses its proprietary engine control software to drive engine efficiency. CMW has number of proprietary, patent pending technologies both for its hardware and software. CMW’s V2-90 engines works on variety of fuel sources including gas (petrol), natural gas/CNG or diesel.

In addition, CMW has developed a hybrid drivetrain (Total Propulsion System). This TPS can generate up to 1,000 horsepower and can be used for large loads.

The Company has a seasoned team in Silicon Valley with experience from NASCAR, Baja motor racing complemented with Swedish Husqvarna and Saab technologists. Over the past 5+ years, we have completed testing of a V2-90 product line of engines. The engines are hard tooled and ready for production.

The V2-90 product line of engines is applicable for a wide range of applications including commercial vehicles, generators, cars, buses and trucks.

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